Identity, Language and Culture

This department is responsible for the management & implementation of TRONA’s Cultural, Te Reo and Leadership Strategies.

Delivering projects, activities and events that enhance Ngāti Awa reo, identity and increase connectivity and participation rates. 

Te Reo Māori

Our Identity, Language & Culture


Our pānui and events

Taiohi & Rangatahi

Information abour our youth programmes

Ngāti Awa kōhao rau tangata rau

Ngāti Awa the numerous

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Our guiding principles are paramount to everything we do. They also represent the parameters that we must work within.


Caring for each other

Our shared obligations to care for one another, with particular emphasis on caring for our youth and our elders.


Guardianship for future generations

Represents our obligations to protect our culture, our environment, our resources and our people today and for
future generations, in accordance with our cultural practices.

Ngāti Awatanga

Our language and culture
Uphold and protect our language and culture – which derive from our shared ancestry – as the cornerstone of our unique identity.