Ngāti Awa Research & Archives releases first online catalogue.

Ngāti Awa Research and Archives Trust was created to preserve, store and utilise the large amount of research and historical documents, which were compiled to support the WAI46 Ngati Awa Waitangi Tribunal Raupatu claim.

Research began more than 30 years ago in the 1980s, led by Sir Sidney Mead with the assistance of many other dedicated individuals. Over the years, the team of researchers collected a significant amount of supporting documentation that was uniquely linked to Ngāti Awa. Manuscripts, private collections, photographs and whakapapa provided a rich and colourful history of our past.

This collective knowledge is now available for the first time in its entirety. Whether you are an inquisitive Ngāti Awa uri, a dedicated researcher or just a history buff – you can search the online catalogue by text and literally find out anything you want to know about our story.